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GacktIsGod's Shop MEGA SALE! 2 WEEKS ONLY!

Aug. 7th, 2012 | 04:49 pm
posted by: gacktisgod in amaterase


For the next two weeks (until 23:59 JST, Aug.21st, 2012), ALL purchases totaling $1 - $150 will receive 10% off! Purchase totals of $151 - $400 will get 15% off! And, purchases of over $500 will receive 25% off! This is on top of the already reduced sale prices!

Remember, regular air shipping from Japan is already FREE (except as noted)! (EMS is available, but will cost extra, unless noted.)


1) Browse my LJ stores, here: http://gacktisgod.livejournal.com/

2) Post your reply on the shop pages for the items you want by copy/pasting the item description and link to the first photo in your comment. (This way I can avoid mistakes with too-similar items.)

3) Wait for me to double-check that I have the items and send you your total.

4) Once total is received, pay by Paypal's "gift" option. (If your country does not offer the "gift" option, I will have to add the fees back into the total. Sorry!)

THIS IS NOT AN AUCTION! It is first come, first serve. This means that I will hold items for you (until you receive my reply, or for 48-hours or so), but if someone else pays me first (or unless I tell you otherwise) it goes to the fastest buyer. Sorry, but I have to get rid of this stuff pronto. After the two week sale is over, I will temporarily (possibly permanently) close my LJ shops and list everything on eBay. I hope to avoid this as much as possible, however, because eBay's various fees will lead to higher prices. So grab what you can now! ^____^

I still have quite a few Amaterase goods (videos, t-shirts, etc.) available!


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Mar. 11th, 2012 | 01:09 pm
posted by: roofshadow in amaterase

Is anyone reading this any longer? I want to sell my 天照 (Amaterase) goods to a loving home. I have everything they released until 2006. I even have an old calendar and some other assorted goods if you're interested. This includes DVDs, CDs, a minidisc I believe, everything. Anyone interested?

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New selling journal, great stuff, great prices!

Dec. 22nd, 2010 | 09:24 pm
posted by: jali_susundeiru in amaterase


Cosplay, lolita, gothic, Japanese street fashion, crafts, music, manga, DVDs, footware, handmade, accessories, elegant fashion, street style, designer bags, AND MORE!!

♥ New listings every week! ♥
♥EVERYTHING MUST GO! -> Make me an offer! ♥


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Mega-Sale! Posters, Magazines, Doujinshi, etc.!

Aug. 4th, 2010 | 09:43 pm
mood: busy
posted by: gacktisgod in amaterase

I may decide to move to London sometime next year, so I've just re-priced a bunch of items in my LJ stores to move them out, and you can find them all at the top of my LJ here:


(Warning! Links are image heavy! 100+ pics per page! They are, however, worksafe! ^__^)

There are separate shops for different kinds of merchandise, and so far, only the poster and doujinshi shops are complete. I'm still adding things to the others, so please check back, or feel free to ask if there's an item you're looking for! (I probably have it! ^__^)

At the moment there are several Amaterase magazines in the magazine / books shop plus merchandise in the music merch / concert goods, and DVD/CD shops!

Thanks! ^__^

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Auction Endling Reminder!

Jan. 28th, 2010 | 09:37 am
posted by: gacktisgod in amaterase


Don't forget! Less than 8-24 hours remain for all auctions! ^__^ Again, there are lots of watchers, and quite a few things have already been sold with Buy It Now, so if you have your eye on something, don't miss out! ^__^ Thanks!

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Oh yes, it's that time again: MEGA J-ROCK SALE

Jan. 24th, 2010 | 02:54 pm
mood: accomplished
posted by: gacktisgod in amaterase


Amaterase items on offer are t-shirt, towel, VHS videos (two different ones, very rare!), and a fan club magazine.

Artists currently up (in no particular order):

-Gackt & Ded Chaplin / Vienna (Chachamaru bands)
-D / Asagi
-Metronome / Floppy
-The Gazette
-Alice Nine
-Duel Jewel
-An Cafe
-X Japan
-Luna Sea
-La'cryma Christi

And some non-Japanese bands, but Japanese goods:
-Michael Jackson

Some SUPER RARE items, including pamphlets, T-shirts, towels, tote bags, CDs, DVDs, flags, books, fans, posters, stickers, parkas / hoodies, bandanas, flyers, magazines, band member personal items, and much more!

Auctions ALL have Buy It Now, and ALL Buy It Now gets FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world! Everything must go! So please check it out! Thanks! ^___^

Much more to come over the next few weeks as well (including Gackt, Malice Mizer, Hyde, Vamps, L'Arc En Ciel, and more!)

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Two Of My J-Rock Shops Are Open Now!

Sep. 17th, 2009 | 02:19 pm
mood: busy
posted by: gacktisgod in amaterase

Tired of eBay bending me over, so here are my shops online so far:

Posters, flags and flyers:

Doujinshi, manga and artbooks, etc.:

Currently there is a signed Amaterase poster, so please check it out! They are very image heavy, so please allow time for everything to load properly.

Buys are first come first serve; this is NOT an auction! ALL PRICES INCLUDE AIRMAIL SHIPPING! Please make payments by Paypal using the PERSONAL/GIFT option.

Thanks very much for looking! ^__^

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Five For Magazine Special Anniversary Issue Out Now!

Nov. 25th, 2008 | 04:30 pm
posted by: gacktisgod in amaterase

Five For Magazine brings you a live report on the "Kuroari To Shirozatou vol.4" event, featuring Amaterase's (Daishi Solo Project) last live (plus exclusive photos)!

Plus many more artists (VAMPS - complete with exclusive photos and pull out centerfold poster,
Sugizo, Monoral, An Cafe, Alice Nine, L.MC, and more).

Get your copy here!

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Something new...

Sep. 12th, 2008 | 11:07 am
posted by: ealin in amaterase

New profil photo at amaterase.net

New DVD.
Can someone translate rest of a news. (my japanese is very low yet)

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