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Is anyone reading this any longer? I want to sell my 天照 (Amaterase) goods to a loving home. I have everything they released until 2006. I even have an old calendar and some other assorted goods if you're interested. This includes DVDs, CDs, a minidisc I believe, everything. Anyone interested?
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Hello Amaterase fans!
Five For Magazine is a new English language magazine about Japanese music. Our 3rd issue has just gone on sale, and we have an interview with Daishi and an Amaterase live report!
Other featured artists are the Yoshida Brothers, Kagrra, BLOOD, quaff, and the Jrock invasion artists. Get yours here

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Cosplay Help?


I have a favor to ask of people here: I'm planning on Cosplaying Daishi in his Kibou Ga Oka outfit (the one with the black base and red plate armor) for Sakura-Con in two weeks, and want to get some of the details correct, or at least close, before it's too late.

Does anyone happen to know what the kanji on the front of Daishi's Kibou Ga Oka costume are? I ran it past a friend of mine and he made out "what person something something heaven light [Amaterase] something something", but that was it. 

I don't need to know what it translates to (I can find out when I make my art major friend rewrite it for me), just what the kanji themselves are. If anyone has any good reference pictures/video of the kanji, that would also be awesome.

Any help at all would be very much appreciated. <3

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Different Track Listings

I was trying to organize ID3 tags and noticed something peculiar... does anyone have a legitimate copy of Ama kakeru hoshi no tsukai? Unfortunately I do not and I've seen two different track listings for it. The first one is as follows:
  1. kibou ga oka
  2. sai
  3. sankon
  4. marogare
  5. haruka naru daichi e no sanka
  6. gyou
  7. honou
  8. haja
  9. kagerofu
  10. ouma
  11. itsutsu no umi no monogatari
  12. akatsuki

But the one listed on Neowing (CDJapan's Japanese version of their site -- since doesn't have a track listing and CDJapan doesn't have this album) has everything in a different order:
  1. kibougaoka
  2. sai
  3. gyou
  4. haru kanaru daichi e no sanka
  5. haja
  6. kagerofu
  7. itsutsu no umi no monogatari
  8. sankon
  9. marogare
  10. "honou (仮)"
  11. ouma
  12. akatsuki

Any idea what's up with this?
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I sincerly hope it's ok to ask here, but I've tried pretty much everywhere else already with practicly zero results. :-/
I adore Amaterase, but I still haven't been able to get my hands on all their music. So I turn to you guys. Could anyone be an angel and upload what I don't already have for me?
I have Amakakeru hoshi no tsukai, Itsutsu no umi no monogatari and Kibou ga Oka.
(If anyone wants/needs any of these three I will of course upload them for you.)
Thank you so much in advance!

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 Hello! New member, but not a new fan of amaterase!

 I did, however, finally find this community. XD I'll try to be an active member!'

 So, I'm rather glad about the fact that Amaterase is returning--even if it's just Daishi's solo project--and to be perfectly honest, I'm psyched about Yuki from rice joining up! 

 But the question remains..

 What happened to Aki? Did he fall off of the face of the earth?

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