Exanimate (lauraorganasolo) wrote in amaterase,

Different Track Listings

I was trying to organize ID3 tags and noticed something peculiar... does anyone have a legitimate copy of Ama kakeru hoshi no tsukai? Unfortunately I do not and I've seen two different track listings for it. The first one is as follows:
  1. kibou ga oka
  2. sai
  3. sankon
  4. marogare
  5. haruka naru daichi e no sanka
  6. gyou
  7. honou
  8. haja
  9. kagerofu
  10. ouma
  11. itsutsu no umi no monogatari
  12. akatsuki

But the one listed on Neowing (CDJapan's Japanese version of their site -- since Amazon.co.jp doesn't have a track listing and CDJapan doesn't have this album) has everything in a different order:
  1. kibougaoka
  2. sai
  3. gyou
  4. haru kanaru daichi e no sanka
  5. haja
  6. kagerofu
  7. itsutsu no umi no monogatari
  8. sankon
  9. marogare
  10. "honou (仮)"
  11. ouma
  12. akatsuki

Any idea what's up with this?
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