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Cosplay Help?


I have a favor to ask of people here: I'm planning on Cosplaying Daishi in his Kibou Ga Oka outfit (the one with the black base and red plate armor) for Sakura-Con in two weeks, and want to get some of the details correct, or at least close, before it's too late.

Does anyone happen to know what the kanji on the front of Daishi's Kibou Ga Oka costume are? I ran it past a friend of mine and he made out "what person something something heaven light [Amaterase] something something", but that was it. 

I don't need to know what it translates to (I can find out when I make my art major friend rewrite it for me), just what the kanji themselves are. If anyone has any good reference pictures/video of the kanji, that would also be awesome.

Any help at all would be very much appreciated. <3

Tags: daishi, kibou ga oka
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