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Guess who's back?

(I thought I should post here even though the comm has been dead for several months)

Yes, Amaterase is back! It has now become Daishi's soloproject, so unfortunatly we won't get to enjoy Akira's wonderful voice in this band anymore. But instead the man has hired Yuki Sakurai, which you might know from the band Rice.
Here's the new website:
And you can already preorder the two new singles from CDJapan! ^__^

And just because he's so pretty:
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

I just hope that someone will show up and share my joy... xD
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Hello, I am new to this comm and Amaterase, I have been listening to them for maybe 2 months... Anyways, I have a few questions:

1. Are they still on hiatus? Or disbanded?
2. Is it possible someone could upload their discography and pvs? I have these things so far:
Itsutsu No Umi No Monogatari [single]
Track 1: Itsutsu no umi no monogatari
Track 2: Haja
Track 3: Itsutsu no umi no monogatari

Akatsuki [single]
Track 1: Marogare
Track 2: Kagerofu
Track 3: Akatsuki
Track 4: Marogare ~Live~

Kibou ga Oka [single]
Track 1: Kibou ga oka
Track 2: Gou Karma
Track 3: Kibou ga Oka ~reimei~
3. Does anyone have pictures of them, like alot?
.... yeah... thats all..

Me again..

Hi! I feel slightly awkward posting so soon after my last post ^^

I'm part of a community called musiconity, which each week features a new artist that users can post songs, images, info, etc for. Well, this week (per my suggestion) is AMATERASE! Unfortunatly, being quite new to the artists, and they being pretty new themselves, I'm probably the only one on the comm who knows anything about them ;_;

If you wonderful people have an interest to create new fans of Amaterase, please please join and post? I need help spreading the love. If you're interested, my post about Amaterase is here, minor as it is. Hopefully more people than me will get into them!


(and if this isn't allowed, please let me know and I'll delete)
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Release help?

Hi everyone! I have 4 random songs supposedly by Amaterase, but I can't find any info on them, but if they really are Amaterase, I'd like to fit them into the discography.

Collapse )

The songs I can't place are:
森羅万象 (Shinrabanshou), supposedly from Anquette Arigatou

And 4 songs from "Sister Complex":
Sister Complex I
Link (Inst.)
(and one with no name).

What I'm looking for are if these are legitimate Amaterase songs, and if so, what they came from, if there are any more songs, and the dates so I can fit them in.

Hope this isn't too much to ask, and I am willing to upload anything I have if someone wants it! Thanks for any help!
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