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Live Report 6/2 - Amaterase One Man - Ebisu Liquidroom

You know... every time I think I can't wait to leave Japan... Akira sings to me. And then I fucking want to live here forever. *_* That man's voice is so beautiful it is absolutely criminal. The one man was mind-blowingly amazing. They played EVERYTHING. Absolutely EVERYTHING. It was specfuckingtacular! And HAHA! No cut. Because Ama, in all of their glory, deserve to spam each and everyone one of your LJs. XD

So styled my new hair (HACKHACKHACK!), slapped on comfy clothes - Ama's t and pants - since I wanted to survive the live and not melt, and went to Ebisu to meet Lauren, who was coming... and some random point in the future which I was unsure of. XD But lo and behold! I step out of the station and run smack into Sabrina and her posse. XD I am so talented at running into gaijin I know. So I hung with them before the live. Freaked for a bit e-mailing Krys back and forth because Lauren's new phone had a snafoo leaving her phoneless but she made it just before open! XD Thus totally defeating our awesome ticket numbers.

But, that actually made like no difference. The house was comfortably full, but not packed. It was wicked nice. Just enough for a rowdy good time live I thought. XD God I can't wait for the DVD, although I've the sinking feeling you'll be able to see me in it. (TAT) Lauren and I were right next to one of the cameras. There was the gauzy sheet screen in the front, and you could sort of see what was behind it vaguely...

So the lights dimmed, and this ocean soundtrack starts playing. Just the waves, no other sounds. And there are beautiful blue lights behind the screen and it was just lovely atmosphere, and you can tell Daishi is sitting center stage, and Akira is a bit to his left, but not really see anything, and the live opened like that with the reimei version of Itsutsu no Umi no Monogatari. The vocal balance was a bit high, but dude, I <3 Akira's voice. *_* He may deafen me any day. But then it just struck me how this was my second to last concert with them... And I actually started crying. Itsutsu reimei is just so slow and tragic, and Akira's voice is so vibrant and emotional, and then I thought about how it really doesn't sound the same on CD and how by going back to America I was losing this HUGE part of my life and yea... (TAT) But anyway... of course haven't checked up on everything yet, but from memory (and Ama's page), went like this.


Oh yea baby! The FULL version of Daichi no Shi. *_* So lovely. So glad that there will be a full live recording of it *snuggles friends* to take home with me when I leave next month. A nice lil bit to tide me over. I'm pretty sure there was some random MC after 4, but honestly, I was just *_* the entire live. Headbanging, lunging, energy, and EVERYONE was moving because it's a one man and they were filming it to make a live DVD, which I CANNOT WAIT FOR! Ah, I want to show everyone my babies. They've gone so far from those old VHS videos I pimped out so much. XD


So Akira's solo... He opened his MC of course chatting us all up and laughing at everyone else and joking about how they were slacking off and had to go sit down, and get a drink, and use the bathroom... and neglected to mention STRIP NAKED and change (the live started in their 3rd outfit sets, the demon samurai-esque ones), which is of course the only thing we fans were thinking of. XD But then Akira starting talking about how he had thought for so long about what to do for his solo, which of course was really easy for him to do since it was just karaoke. XD But because he wanted it to be something fun and enjoyable that we would all like as well, he had wondered what would be good, so then he thought about Ghiblee. And there were all these Ghiblee to choose from such as Totoro and Laputa, but he finally decided on "Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa."

XD It was really great, because it was just WHAM! Akira's gorgeous voice. LOTS of Akira's gorgeous voice. Without nothing to distract from it. Though I thought when he did the Dragonballz theme with Animetal it was better. This was just a very slow gorgeous OMGAKIRASVOICE song whereas when he sang DB he was just insane otaku energy man. ^^ So that ended, and then he said he had thought about his second song, and decided on Galaxy Express, because as I child he had watched that show and had been incredibly moved by it because of all the mysterious worlds and stars and possibilities it provided for the universe. XD Which basically means... AKIRA IS A TREKKIE! XD I am so smitten now, as if I wasn't already before. lol. But he sang the ending theme, and he chose it because it was more manly and deep. It was also more fun, because then at the end he parodied the way the character panics on the drama CDs. XD <3 I'm going to cry I think when I get to listen to these songs again, because it really will be a SMACK, can't see them live now, sort of thing. TAT


So Akira left after that, and Daishi returned. Jammed out his solo, though never told us the name and it's driving me NUTS! I'm humming the tune, and I knew the tune, and the lyrics were right on the tip of my tongue... and I just can't place that tune. ;_; I suppose it's to be expected, I don't listen to much music other than Ama lately. But Daishi goofed around quite a bit, and introduced the members. Kei from XYXX was on bass of course, and Daishi said his theme for the day was a zombie. BUT, he is a kind-hearted zombie who likes to give water to flowers. XD which was just hysterical as Kei promptly starting pantomiming weeping and watering flowers for a bit. Then he did a little spiel on what XYXX was up to, and then we skipped on to the support guitarist who turned out to be the guy from Run Jewelry?!?! Surprise surprise. I'm familiar with their faces, but without his sexy styled hair I really didn't recognize him. Did a little intro, Daishi made a joke about how he was doing the same one man as XYXX, and RJ's guy (yea, just don't give a hoot to look up his name. XD) joked about how it wasn't the SAME one man, or it wouldn't be a one man. But again the intro spiel on his band's events. Forget the drummer's info and spiel. He never says much. XD But then Daishi hyped us all up to scream for Akira and SHAZAM SDFJDAIURFAKJFK! Akira in all of his hotness Itsutsu costume came out. XD


Some more adorable MC to let us recover. Thankfully, I didn't cry during the regular version of Itsutsu no Umi, or well... yea I would've been crying like an idiot. XD The guitar presence does help ease the intensity of the tragedy of the song though. ^^ But omg zoomg awesomeness followed it once again. And I'm pretty sure it was around this point that Daishi randomly decided that on one pass across strage he was going to grab and kiss Akira. XD Like, I almost missed it with the hopping around movement, but yea, Daishi pecked my Akira. XD And if I wasn't so insanely jealous, I'd probably think it was hot, more because of the cute adorable way Daishi did it. Like it wasn't the fan servicy MWAAAA! type kiss bands frequently have. It was just, aw, you're sweet, and singing a sweet song, so I'm gonna give you a sweet lil peck. And then Akira's voice caught for a fraction of an instant which was what really got my attention, and he sorta half smiled while singing the rest like he was trying hard not to laugh at Daishi for doing that. XD


Then when they announced Natural Selection, I finally got some brains. XD I wore the new piratey dangle earrings Chi gave me for my birthday, as I've worn them to school a bit lately and rather love them now, but headbanging + long dangles = pain as it tangles in my cartilege piercing and I fight to untangle it while still doing the furi. XD But when they announced this I got smart, pulled the dangle out of that ear and stuffed it in my pocket. ^^ So hassle free headbanging for the end. It was also the first time I've ever called for the encore. XD We always clap and call A-ki-ra-dai-shi, so Lauren and I called for Akira since we were over on his side. XD It was hysterical though when one guy ahead of us joined in the calling rather lustily. XD


Don't recall when, but for the MC opening up one of the encores, Daishi talked about how the band was great because they were so odd, and Akira's odd personality was what made it that way. XD

But of course, the real thing of note... was the announcement for the full length album to be released in September. XDDDDD
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Daishi just dry humped out my brain...

Dear God, please never ever ever make another man like Daishi because all of us poor yaoi loving otaku will end up dropping dead from the orgasmic hysterical overload. Or maybe that was your plan in the first place.


So tonight was the first part of the Battle Two-Mix: Amaterase vs Metronome. Metronome won by a mile, but only because they cheated. Dirty dirty whores. =D But we Amaterase fans shall love them forever for it! <3 Don't have their set list, because it's not posted yet, and I'm too giddy to bother waiting for it to go up like I usually do. =D They did however play everything off the new single, the FULL version of Daishi no Uta, Marogare, and Guren. Not in that order. =D Was great, yet crap because Shibuya O-West FUCKED UP the sound. The vocals were turned insanely down. o0;; Akira has LUNGS, but there were so many parts where he was barely audible over the music, and most of the lyrics were unintelligible. (TAT) Damn you lazy O-West staffers! The footage from here had better be top notch to make up for it.

But omg... New opening music for starters. The stage setup was TOTALLY different from the regular setup. No torches! TAT I like the torches... But mad crazy lights, and the drums were setup much more prominently centered, and halfway to the front. And it was the 5 member set (Bad me! I know no one's name but Masa's! =P). The opening music was heavy, and a bit dark, and then Akira drawls out in a fighting arena announcer voice each member's brief introduction in a slow, drawn out drawl (in English mind you!) and they walked out one by one and did their bow. Drums, support guitar (on the LEFT side of the stage?!?! wtf?!?!), Masa (on the RIGHT side of the stage?!?! wtf?!?!), vocals, guitar.

Didn't notice a word said after Akira announced his own name though, because they graced us with the sexual gratification of their new outfits tonight. *_* Hori, you may say Akira looks like a ham in it all you want, because that was one drop-dead gorgeous ham. The outfits are white vinyl. ALL vinyl. Akira's is a vinyl jacket and flared vinyl pants with a cotton overskirt flap. Daishi's was a more bondage-esque vinyl mid-riff top with slightly more punk styled wide leg vinyl pants. Oh GOD Akira looks cute in white. It makes him look so sweet! Daishi... lol. Yea, he's now the Stage Live Queen Barbie. We added the Queen tonight. What I thought from the flyer was a tattoo of their feather logo on his tummy... was actually feathers... glued to his tummy. (-_-) No sweetie, the dead chickens belong buried DEEP in the ground, not glued on your tummy. Even though it IS a very nice tummy. And with his midriff exposed like that, you could REALLY appreciate just how much the man moves...

(I'm an Akira fan... I'm an Akira fan... I'm an Akira fan...)

But Daishi tummy...


AND DAISHI HAD A WARDROBE MALFUUUUUUUNCTION! XD Oh GOD! He must have lost weight since the measuring for those pants was taken, because he had them cinched up with a belt and you could tell they were a good 2" too big. They barely stayed up on his hips, and with the extra equipment weight they just kept slipping... and slipping... and slipping... And Daishi grinding his guitar while playing just kept helping them along so that after every single song and solo he would do this hop siddle to tug them up a bit without anyone noticing what he was doing behind his guitar (duh Daishi... we notice EVERYTHING you do! How could a single fan NOT see your pants were falling down??). But it got so bad that he snuck off over to the side of the drums during Akira's MC, and really gave them a good tug... Which Akira had to point out and ask him if he was finished... which he laughed and Akira went back to us, and 2 words into the MC... Daishi tugs again at his pants, which Akira notices, and goes "WELL HAVE YA GOT IT YET?!?" So Daishi laughs again, and Akira turns back to the MC, but before he can even open his mouth again Daishi tugs again (mind you, these tugs were ALL getting the pants up a bit higher. Vinyl pants stick to skin quite well, and these were very adament about coming OFF his bum rather than going back up over it to all of our amusement), so Akira just throws this funny little fit of "GOT IT? GOT IT? Are you SURE?" =D Oh Akira, your MC is what I love most about you! I love his sense of humour. <3

But it's final! The surprise present final bonus of the new single is a DVD promo gift at the one-man! Hooray! They announced that, and formally announced the in store events, and all that good stuff.

The REAL treat though... was after Metronome. Meto came on for their encore, did the happy jumping twirl around song I rather like of theirs, then decided we weren't doing it right. So in the middle where it would usually solo, they did some MC instead, ask us all to dance and twirl and fill the room, and to help us out, AMATERASE! XD Daishi streaks across the stage, drops to his knees, and slides across the last part to fawn over Fukusuke in adoring fangirldom. (*_*) omg wtf dude! Akira hopped out all uber genki! He'd gotten rid of the scarf, which he'd obviously thought to be quite obnoxious and in his way throughout the live, and had his jacket opened just a bit to taunt us all. ^^ So Meto goes into the same encore song... And Akira and Daishi danced like idiots on the stage. XD It... was... BEAUTIFUL.

HOLY SHIT. There just... are no words for this! Daishi without his guitar... is apparently possessed by the need to dry hump OTHER people's guitars when his own is absent. So him and Fukusuke were getting RIDICULOUSLY ecchi over in their corner. Fukusuke even stopped playing at one point and turned Daishi to him and put his hands on his waist to measure Daishi's teeny tiny-ness. XD So Daishi thrust at him and then compared his measurement of Fukusuke's waist with Fusuke's measurement of his own. XD omg lol! And Akira... He wasn't being pervy but he just had this gorgeously adorable smile and was dancing around doing Metronome's furi - which he kept turning and looking at Sharaku to check if he had it right, and if Sharaku wasn't doing it, he turned to the front line! - and for the spin around part he had one hand on his head and the other hanging down so that he looked like a monkey dancing like a ballerina! <3 Then they both just got goofy and were sakuing Fukusuke and Riu during their solos and acting all fangirly silly, to the point where Daishi almost tripped over the cymbols during one of the dance around spins.

I... desperately hope this ends up on the promo DVD. Because my sides were in so much pain from how hard I was laughing. My body kept trying to double over and I was just "Nooo! Must... keep.... watching!" XD

So Meto wins. Because they made Daishi hump their band leader, and had Akira dance like a monkey. Cant compete with that sort of quality entertainment. This was the BEST Ama live ever. I don't know how they're going to top this at the One man unless they decide to come out and play the encore topless.
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... photo... sets...

Uh... yea. I'm gonna be a lame desperate fan and actually try and get a single from every single store to get those photosets. Uh... anyone need a discount copy of the single (with great big ol scans of every photoset I get my hands on)? XD I will have several extra on my hands if my devious scheme works, and I refuse to have Ama CDs sitting on the sold-back shelf. That would be bad and wrong.
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new single & in store!

omg the flyer for the new single is HOT. Akira, honey, I want to see you in THAT outfit. Doesn't he look so... sweet? Although I was struck by an odd ressemblance to Michi of Spinning Q. Factor... which disturbs me because the first time I saw S.Q.F. I thought Michi bore a striking ressemblence to Akira if he were to ever become an 80's fashion freak in love with Prince...

Oh yea and the flyer has Daishi tummy on it. For those who appreciate Daishi tummy...


New Pictures

New costumes and the single cover for Itsutsu no Umi no Monogatari~

I must say, I mistook them for Ayumi Hamasaki at first glace...

Now, for anybody that's interested, here's a quick rundown of the extras you can get if you purchase the CD in certain places:

There are six sets of photographs that you can get, all from different stores including Raika (A); NOIZ (B); Club Indies (C); BrandX (D); Third Stage, ID Pilot, Magical Square (Hiroshima), Super Recods (Sendai), guru guru, Risky Drug Store, Tower Records Shibuya (all E); Puresound (F).

Aside from these, there is a Comment CD at Shiseido; an Original Poster Card at Closet Child, and badges at The Nack 5 Town.

Collapse )

Collapse )

I have this really weird urge to go and draw Akkun as a ham now...

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XD Purikura hori and Sarah



This is the episode from March 9th.

Go to http://www.tandm.tv, and click on Music in the menu at the top.

The file was uploaded today (March 21st), but it is the show from the 9th. (^-^)b

To watch the video, you have to fill out a small anquette saying your a/s/l blah blah blah, but you don't need to give your name or e-mail address (although it requests that), so just ignore it if you don't particularly want to.

It's about 45 minutes long and streaming, so depending on your connection speed, it may stutter like a cat on steroids.

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So I was browsing around, and there's actually a community?


Anyhow. I don't know much about this band, but I recently heard two songs by them, and they're great. So here I am. ^^;
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New Single - Itsutsu no Umi no Monogatari!

2006.04.26 - Amaterase - New single - 五つの海の物語

1. 五つの海の物語 (Itsutsu no Umi no Monogatari)
2. 破邪 (Haja)
3. 五つの海の物語(アコースティックバージョン) (Itsutsu no Umi no Monogatari [Acoustic Version])

FINALLY, a full version of Haja is released! This is the second random release by my favourite bands that has slipped through the net of my selective radar vision so far this week... ><; Bah.

Buy from CDJAPAN
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